Deadly Joke: Police Accidentally Shot Civilian in West Sumba

Deadly Joke: Police Accidentally Shot Civilian in West Sumba, Sumba Barat – A drunk police officer in West Sumba accidentally shot a civilian. Both men were reportedly under the influence of alcohol.

The tragedy unfolded when the victim, Ferdinandus Lango Bili, alongside the police with initials ER were having a duck-grilling party and drinking on Saturday (7/1/2023). Other policemen were also present.

The victim, who was allegedly drunk, pointed a knife toward the police ER. He also challenged the police to shoot him.

At that time, ER was actually bringing his gun with him. He took the HS firearm from his right waist and pointed the weapon at Ferdinandus’ stomach.

The weapon suddenly fired a bullet and injured the victim. The victim fell to his chair and lost consciousness. ER and his friends quickly took him to the hospital, but the victim died.

Afterward, ER came to the police office and admitted his action. He said that he was only joking and bluffing. 

Chief of West Sumba Resort Police, Anak Agung Gde Anom Wirata, said ER was not on duty when the incident happened. The police also apologized for the incident.

“We are currently handling the legal process and it’s still ongoing,” said Anom Wirata on Monday (9/1/2023).

ER was taken into custody in a special room. The West Sumba resort police also also planned to call a forensics team to perform an autopsy on the victim.

Pelaku pelempar telur ke Raja Charles III dan Camilla ditangkap polisi. Pelaku meneriakkan “Negara ini dibangun di atas darah budak!”.

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