FS pledges to ‘remove barriers’ for mega events

FS pledges to ‘remove barriers’ for mega events

Financial Secretary Paul Chan on Sunday pledged to remove obstacles and provide full support to event organisers to maximise the economic and social benefits of mega-events.

The government has earlier announced it would be more pro-active in luring organisers of large-scale arts, culture, sports and business activities.

Writing in his weekly blog, Mr Chan said the government would work with the events industry to strengthen manpower, facilities, promotion and services to ensure a positive experience for both tourists and residents.

He said an inter-departmental task force would coordinate the planning and execution of mega events.

“The SAR Government will step up its efforts to coordinate mega-events. We aim to facilitate a diverse range of mega-events in Hong Kong, covering different themes and formats, to provide visitors and residents with more choices and new experiences,” he wrote.

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