G20 presidency reflects world’s confidence in India, says PM Modi

G20 presidency reflects world’s confidence in India, says PM Modi

NEW DELHI: PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday unveiled the


, theme and website for India’s G20


, saying the opportunity to lead the powerful grouping represents a moment of pride for the country as well growing global confidence in it.

The PM said while each meeting of a powerful block like


has its own diplomatic and geo-political significance, for India the significance of hosting it is much more. “India sees it as a new responsibility and as a measure of the international community’s rising confidence in it. Today, there is tremendous curiosity across the globe about India which is now being analysed in a new context. People are studying our current achievements while expressing optimism about our future,” said Modi.

Modi said Indian philosophy of monism (Advaita) reflects the belief in the essential unity of all living beings. “This school of thought can provide a way out of the conflicts and dilemmas which are rife in the contemporary world. The choice of logo and the theme represents India’s effort to promote to reinforce the Buddha’s message of peace and Gandhian resistance to violence,” he said.

Referring to the symbol of lotus in the G20 logo — a choice made on the basis of suggestions from people — he emphasised that it represents hope at the time of crisis and chaos in the world.

“The world is going through the after-effects of a disruptive once-in-a-century pandemic, conflicts and a lot of economic uncertainty. The symbol of the lotus in the G20 logo is a representation of hope in these times. No matter how adverse the circumstances, the lotus still blooms. Even if the world is in a deep crisis, we can still progress and make the world a better place,” he said.

India assumed G20 presidency from December 1.

Modi said G20 is a group that comprises two-third of the world’s population. “And India is now going to lead and chair this G20 group. You can imagine what a big opportunity has come before the country in the ‘Amrit Kal’ of Independence. It is a matter of pride for every Indian,” he said.

The PM located the G20 presidency in the context of his favourite theme of national pride.

“This represents the power and potential of 130 crore


. It is the journeys undertaken by us over thousands of years, our countless experiences which have helped us reach this stage. During the course, we witnessed achievements and splendour but we also had to endure the dark phase where we remained enslaved for centuries.

“India has reached this point after having suffered the atrocities inflicted by invaders. As we mark the ascent from those depths, the experience has been the biggest source of our strength,” the PM said as he complimented all governments for contributing to the progress.

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