Govt to speed up work on digital copyright protection

Govt to speed up work on digital copyright protection

Director of Intellectual Property David Wong on Friday said the government will press ahead with a raft of measures to protect intellectual property and nurture young IP talent.

Speaking to RTHK at the 12th Business of Intellectual Property Asia Forum, he said authorities are working to improve the IP protection regime, such as speeding up legislation work on digital copyright protection.

“One core initiative is to enhance our IP protection regime on various fronts covering trade marks, patents, copyright and registered designs,” he said. “We are striving for the passage of the copyright amendment bill in 2022, to strengthen copyright protection in the digital environment.”

Wong added that the administration will provide more education and training for young talent who want to pursue a career in the IP industry.

“We would redouble our efforts to promote awareness of the creations of the mind as a property right in the younger generation, and encourage them to stay curious and explore innovation.”

“In a knowledge-driven economy, intangible assets in the form of trade marks, patents, copyright, industrial designs, trade secrets and others, are indispensable for robust growth and the creation of employment. Young people must equip themselves with IP knowledge for their career pursuit,” he said.

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