HK continues to mourn ex-president Jiang

HK continues to mourn ex-president Jiang

Tributes continued to pour in for the late former president Jiang Zemin at the central government’s liaison office, with politicians and business leaders among those paying their respects.

Those visiting the mourning hall at the liaison office on Friday included Basic Law Committee vice-chairwoman Maria Tam, who said the late former leader had a close relationship with Hong Kong.

She recalled tough times after 1989 when China faced a lot of pressure internationally.

“At that time, the drafting of the Basic Law was put to a halt, and discussions on the Rose Garden Project had also stopped… In the end, China and Britain were able to complete the drafting and finish the Rose Garden Project. To achieve this, there must be many wise arrangements,” she said.

“[Jiang] was very familiar with the situation in Hong Kong, a city where East meets West.

“I believe he also had a lot of experiences, and had a sound understanding of foreign culture, arts and history. He was very talkative, affable and amiable.”

Others paying homage on Friday included Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung, former National People’s Congress Standing Committee member Rita Fan, former Executive Council convenor Bernard Chan and property tycoon Raymond Kwok.

Outside the liaison office, former lawmaker Frederick Fung – formerly of the Association for Democracy and People’s Livelihood (ADPL) — and current members of the group paid their tributes.

“Chairman [Jiang] set a very good example to us that he accepted all kinds of opinions and ideas, no matter you are for China or even have different ideas with them. Some of our members from the ADPL were being appointed as district advisers, Hong Kong advisers and preparatory committee members,” Fung said.

“That can let Hong Kong people support what China says and what China has done. It’s a good example to show one country and two systems.”

Meanwhile, the Legco House Committee observed a moment of silence before its afternoon meeting.

The committee’s deputy chairman Ma Fung-kwok said all legislators are to observe a moment of silence in the Legco complex during the memorial for the late former president next Tuesday.

Jiang died of leukaemia and multiple organ failure in Shanghai on Wednesday. He was 96.

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