Increase in overseas Pakistanis

The revelation of the increase in the number of Pakistani beg­gars in foreign countries is a matter of concern and tarnishes Pakistan’s global prestige. Media reports about this are alarming. Every year, one million people are moving to foreign countries. On one hand, this network of beggars needs to be strictly broken, and on the oth­er hand, those involved in this hei­nous business should be arrested immediately and brought to justice. Jails in Iraq and Saudi Arabia are full of these Pakistani beggars.

According to media reports, a de­veloped country like Japan has de­manded 340,000 skilled people from Pakistan. Unfortunately, only 200 people will be sent to Japan. India has sent 150,000, while Ne­pal has sent 91,000 skilled people to Japan. Skilled people from Ban­gladesh and Sri Lanka are also be­ing sent to Japan.

According to government data, 50 thousand engineers are un­employed in the country. Thou­sands of highly educated peo­ple are leaving the country every year due to the current situa­tion. 1.6 lakh Pakistanis work in the UAE, while 2 lakh Pakistanis work in Qatar. Among these coun­tries, 90% of the donkeys are from Pakistan. It is sad that most of the pickpockets caught inside the Ha­ram Sharif are Pakistanis. Such groups must be eradicated, as they are a source of shame for the country and the nation. From the government down to the beggars, the spread of poverty must stop.



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