Indonesian Police Apologized After Accident Victim Became Suspect

Indonesian Police Apologized After Accident Victim Became Suspect, Jakarta – The Jakarta Metropolitan Police revoked the suspect status from Muhammad Hasya Athallah Saputra, a student from the University of Indonesia who was killed in a traffic accident. His case incited criticism against the police who named his as a suspect.

Hasya was involved in a traffic accident in October 2022. His motorcyle fell to the other side of the road, and he was hit by a car.

The car was driven by a retired policeman.

Last January, the Jakarta Metropolitan Police announced that Hasya was the suspect because he was not careful. At the time of the accident, the road was slippery due to the weather.

Hasya was still alive after the car hit him. According to the family’s lawyer, the retired policeman declined to immediately take Hasya to hospital.

In a press conference in ICE BSD, Tangerang Regency, the spokesman of the police said Hasya was no longer a suspect, and his good name would be rehabilitated.

The spokesman of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Chief Commissioner Trunoyodo, said that the police found “improper administrative procedure” in his case.

Gita Paulina, the lawyer for Hasya’s family, welcomed the news from the police. She said this would be a turning point.

“The revocation of suspect status from our little brother, Hasya, is a form of seriousness and the realization of the Chief Regional Police’s commitment to re-evaluate the stipulation that Hasya was the suspect,” said Gita in her statement.

The family also expressed their appreciation to the police for this new development, and hoped that this would be a new hope for Hasya and his family.

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