Kanye West Fans Launch GoFundMe To Help Rapper Regain Billionaire Status

Kanye West Fans Launch GoFundMe To Help Rapper Regain Billionaire Status

Kanye West still has many in his corner despite losing multiple business deals and receiving ongoing backlash for comments deemed anti-semitic by the media. In fact, Ye fans have started GoFundMe accounts to help the business mogul regain his billionaire status.

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After Forbes recently published an article denouncing Kanye West’s billionaire status, fans have been scrambling to have the rapper’s back.

According to Page Six, the Yeezy mogul’s fanbase has started a GoFundMe campaign titled “Make Kanye West A Billionaire Again.” However, the campaign only raised $5 and has since been taken down. 

In addition, dozens of other Ye fans have followed suit and started their own campaigns to help the Donda artist climb back to his billions. Only time could tell what could happen next.

After speaking out on various public forums, it appears corporate America is severing its ties with Kanye West. Unfortunately, the chaotic event could also be affecting his billionaire status.

Ye had a rough week. Forbes recently published an article that denounced Mr. West’s billionaire status, which can all be attributed to the loss of his partnerships.

To add another layer to his corporate demise, Def Jam also cut ties with his G.O.O.D music label.

Another brand that cut ties is sportswear company Adidas, who issued a public statement acknowledging Ye’s recent anti-semitic statements and decided to cut him loose.

In addition, Gap who he also cut ties with, recently released pairs of slides that mimic the Yeezy designs.

While corporate remain meticulously neutral when partnering with celebrities, cancel culture is rampant as more celebrities speak on their personal opinions and political views. 

Meanwhile, Ye recently expressed his intent to acquire the conservative platform Parler app, a conservative platform owned by Candace Owens’ husband. In an attempt to have a platform to voice his opinions freely.

Kanye West has made many headlines this season and recently went on N.O.R.E’s Drink Champs podcast to chop it up. He also addressed previous headlines and his current political stance.

The original 45-minute-long interview was ultimately removed by REVOLT and YouTube after Ye sat with N.O.R.E and made unfavorable comments regarding the George Floyd case and the Jewish community. 

The amplified version of the conversation includes talk about ownership and production in the fashion industry, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and being influenced by media, branding, and more. 

The rapper also calls Pete Davidson, who openly struggles with mental health and addiction, a “heroin addict,” who he attempted to lure away from his kids during Kim and Pete’s relationship. 

In the interview, Mr. West admits to being drunk “off the D’USSÈ” as he moves from one topic to the next. 

Despite such comments and the flood of negative press surrounding the interview, rapper Joey Bada$$ tweeted about the situation and posed a question regarding censorship.

In the original tweet, the “Bad Mon” artist says he doesn’t support or agree with everything the YEEZY mogul had to say but believes he has the right to freedom of speech. 

The rap artist is also known for speaking in a balanced tone on cultural issues like mental health

I don’t support everything Kanye been saying and honestly been trying my best to ignore most of it (for my own peace of mind) but censoring his right to freedom of speech is WACK. Askin him to come speak on your platform and then removing/blocking the content cuz you don’t agree?

— BADMON (@joeyBADASS) October 18, 2022

According to PBS, censorship is defined as “the suppression of ideas and information that certain persons — individuals, groups or government officials — find objectionable or dangerous.”

Kanye’s ideas were cited as a danger to the cultural narrative against the Black and Jewish community–and therefore silenced because of it. 

After a 2020 survey, Pew Research reported that most Americans thought social media influenced political views. In the case of Kanye’s unpopular stance against issues, this survey could have merit.

Additional reporting by Tatiana Pinheiro and Nicole Bartley

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