Makassar Teens Killed A Boy to Sell His Organs Online, But Nobody Bought Them

Makassar Teens Killed A Boy to Sell His Organs Online, But Nobody Bought Them, Makassar – An online search turned fatal in Indonesia after a teenager came across a website that sold human organs. One teenager was tempted to get rich quick, and ended up performing a horrific murder. 

Two school boys with the initials AD (17) and MF (14) from Makassar, South Sulawesi Province, were arrested by police after killing an 11-year-old boy. The boy was chosen because he fulfilled the conditions that the website required. 

According to the police, the boy found the website on Yandex. AD said he did the act because of economic problems, and he was often scolded by his parents. AD said he saw a price of US$ 80.000 for human organs, and he wanted that money to build a home.

“I was searching on Google how to sell a human’s organ, because of the economy, and every day got scolded by parents, so I did that act for the first time,” said AD at the police office in Makassar on Tuesday (10/1/2023).

Police Commissioner Abdul Azis described the murder as “sadistic”. He said the two boys were obsessed with the online prices of the organs which could reach millions of dollars. 

AD lured the victim by offering Rp 50.000 (US$ 3.2) to clean his house on Sunday, 8 January 2023. The victim was then taken away.

“I knew this victim, but not close, and did not target the victim coincidentally. I saw the requirements on Google were high, and I killed the victim in my home by strangling and throwing him to the floor when the house was empty,”  he continued. 

The situation turned even more bizarre when AD could not find any buyers after the murder. He attempted to send emails to prospective buyers, but he received no response. He also tried to negotiate the price, but no one wanted to buy.

“I tried to chat via email from the web to sell organs such as kidneys, hearts, lungs, livers, but no reply. Actually I wanted to give the body in full, but my chat was not replied. I tried to make a price promo on the web and there was no buyer,” he confessed.

Pemeriksaan kasus penculikan dan pembunuhan bermotif jual organ di Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, terus bergulir. Kini polisi tengah memastikan kondisi kejiwaan kedua tersangka yang masih remaja.

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