Rug Radio Hires a New CEO

Rug Radio Hires a New CEO

Rug Radio has recently appointed Loxley as its new co-CEO to join Farokh in leading business development and strategy. Get to know Loxley’s background and the reason behind becoming a leader in the web3 media company.

Loxley just became the new Rug Radio's Co-CEO.

Who is Rug Radio’s new Co-CEO, Loxley?

Loxley has been a member of the Rug Radio community since its inception. He also served on the DAO Council and as a Strategic Advisor. He has 13 years of experience as a tech founder and operator. Before becoming Rug Radio’s CEO, he founded and ran an e-commerce outlet that grew to over $30 million. He also developed a micro-financing payment platform which he successfully exited in 2015.

After his successful ventures, Loxley established a family office that has invested, acquired, advised, and managed nearly two dozen businesses. Particularly from Fintech, D2C retail, 3PL / Fulfillment, SaaS, Real Estate, Cannabis, and more. He is also an experienced crypto and NFT investor and enthusiast, now entering a next phase as Rug Radio’s CEO.

What is Rug Radio?

Rug Radio is a platform where users own the company through a DAO structure. Rug Radio leads as a unique platform, making it a go-to for web3 experts, artists, and influencers, now with a new CEO. By owning the platform, users have the opportunity to earn tokens, participate in the DAO, and join a vibrant community. All of this is made possible through a shared ownership model and the use of NFTs. Additionally, the platform offers its own membership pass, a ‘Rug Genesis NFT’ collection, and a DAO (RugDAO). With this, users can earn rewards, participate in governance, and access exclusive content. As a result, Rug Radio has become a powerful voice in the world of NFTs and web3.

Rug Radio, the web3 media company.
Rug Radio became known as the web3 media company, with big audiences on Twitter Spaces.

Image Credit: Rug Radio

Rug Radio new Co-CEO, Loxley, possesses the qualifications, knowledge, experience, and leadership to help the organization achieve its goals and objectives in 2023 and beyond. As a decentralized media platform, Rug Radio provides a safe space for its users to consume content, express their opinions, and own their narrative. By having Loxley as their new co-CEO, the organization is one step closer to creating a platform where incentives are aligned with truth, ownership, and long-term care for the commons.

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