Sadhguru’s inspiring quotes for success

Sadhguru’s inspiring quotes for success

Oct 12, 2023


Quotes on success

Imbibe some inspiring quotes by Sadhguru that will give you a boost in your leadership skills, success and business.


Impact of emotions

As a leader, your every thought, emotion, and action impacts many lives. It’s extremely important to work on how you are within yourself.


True meaning of a leader

Being a leader does not mean dominating the situation. It means empowering people to do what they would not have imagined possible.


Leaders and inspiration

Unless a leader displays an infectious level of inspiration, sloth and inertia will prevail.



Leadership means partnership, cooperation, mentoring, and support. It does not mean dominance. Dominance is tyranny.


The type of business

Whatever kind of business you are into, ultimately, there is only one business, that is human wellbeing.


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Taking a break

You need to look at why you want a break from work. If you were doing something that you truly care about, would you want a break?


Doing the right thing

People are successful not necessarily because they work hard. They just do the right thing.


Idea of success

If your idea of success is just about being ahead of others, you will definitely not explore the full potential of who you are.


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