Telecom news roundup: flankers offer matching $39/30GB 4G plans [Jan. 20-26]

Telecom news roundup: flankers offer matching $39/30GB 4G plans [Jan. 20-26]

Chatr and Lucky Mobile are offering their own deals

Virgin Plus, Koodo and Fido logos on smartphones.

Fido, Koodo, Public and Virgin are offering matching $39/month plans with 30GB of 4G data. But one provider is going a bit further to one-up the competition.

More details on the plans, along with a roundup of other telecom news from the past week, are outlined below:


Ericsson is working with Telus to launch its 5G standalone network nationwide.

TekSavvy wants to break up Canada’s national telecom companies.

Bell has brought its next-generation Fibe TV service to Atlantic Canada.

Telus is reportedly focusing on charging infrastructure for EVs in a call for action against the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC’s) November ruling on wholesale fibre access.

Rogers and Telus extend post-Boxing Week plan options to January 29th.


The Government of Canada has invested just over $1 million in Blue Sky Net to support broadband and technology solutions in northeastern Ontario.


Virgin Plus has rolled out a $50/month 60GB 5G option to match Public Mobile.

Fido, Koodo, Public, and Virgin are offering matching $39/30GB plans.

Starlink is offering refurbished kits for $250 for a limited time.

Staples Wireless is offering $34/30GB and $39/50GB 4G plans from Virgin Plus that are better than what the provider has on its website.

Chatr is offering 39GB of bonus data on some 4G plans.

Lucky Mobile has rolled out a $40/38GB 4G offer.

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