Xbox Won’t Stop Making Consoles

Xbox Won’t Stop Making Consoles
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Ahead of Microsoft’s reveal of its Xbox future business plans this coming week, speculation is rife as to the future of not just exclusives on the console but the console itself.

Xbox has made it clear for some time that Game Pass and other digital services, and getting all of them on as many platforms as possible (especially mobile) are its future, which has led to obvious questions about the next iteration of Xbox hardware.

Those questions have heated up in the past few weeks following multiple reports of the platform bringing some its few big exclusives to PlayStation. It has led to genuine concern Xbox may be leaving the hardware space.

That’s not the case according to journalist Shannon Liao with Xbox boss Phil Spencer reportedly holding an internal townhall meeting with gaming division employees where it was clearly explained Xbox is not leaving the hardware business.

Spencer reportedly told employees that Xbox currently has no plans to stop making consoles and they will continue to be part of its strategy, which will involve ‘multiple kinds of devices’.

The recent reports have led to a major backlash within the Xbox community with several major influencers notably angry and upset about what’s going on and the lack of clear messaging from Microsoft.

The talk comes as “Grand Theft Auto” publisher Take-Two revealed this week that 77 million current-gen consoles (namely PS5 & Xbox Series X|S) had been sold as of December 31st last year.

Combined with PS5 sales reportedly surpassing 51 million by end of year 2023, it indicates the combined Xbox Series X|S sales total 26 million – half that of the PS5. The gap will only widen with PS5 outselling the Xbox 3-to-1 in 2023.

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